Will Ita Enang’s Self Aggrandizement Take him Anywhere?Anietie EssiaIn the wake of the onward movement and progress of the developmental strides of the Governor Udom Emmanuel-led administration, some persons have offered themselves publicly as Judases, scribes and pharisees which the Bible warns of.One of such persons is the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Niger Delta Affairs, Sen. Ita Enang, whose subtle moves in recent times have become provoking, rather than intelligent as he may think thus, reducing his conscience for a plate of porridge.Rather than being productively instrumental to the pace of Akwa Ibom’s success story, Ita Enang is known for deploying every machinery at hand to demarket the state and consequently, rob Akwa Ibomites of the right to benefit from democracy dividends.The presidential aide who has automatically made himself the enemy within has been consistent with his opposition of virtually all developmental attempts of the state government with the poor aim of gaining selfish relevance in the eyes of the President.It would be recalled that Enang’s frequent visit to the media in recent times has buttressed his stance on the progress of Akwa Ibom State as one who’s anti-government, knows-it-all-too-well and can-do-better.Sometimes in 2019, specifically before the elections, Ita Enang had published inaccurate records of financial transaction captioned “Eriyarade Udom” (revealing Udom) which he read out on Inspiration FM and Planet FM.His aim then was to ridicule and paint the Governor as idle and inefficient. He was however tamed and put back on track but he never relented.His recent appeal to the Federal Government to stop the expansion of the road leading from Victor Attah International Airport to Uyo is only an addition to his many ignobility.It should be noted that the decision of the state government to expand the road from 4 to 6 lanes is in no way defacing or damaging the road as painted by Sen. Enang but, to allow for free flow of traffic so that more vehicles can be accommodated on a lane without collision.The expansion will as well help to prevent people from building their houses close to the road to avoid future demolition and subsequently, making the people stranded.This is in view of the fact that Governor Udom Emmanuel’s administration is one whose commitment to the safety of the citizenry is the peak of its government.As a matter of fact, no road project is more or less important to the government of the state. The present administration has to the best of its ability intervened in the construction and repairs of rural and urban roads in the state since its inception.The Calabar-Itu-Ikot Ekpene Road which was salvaged by the state government when it almost broke into two at the Ntak Inyang axis will remain a shame to Ita Enang who had promised during the 2019 presidential election campaigns, to expedite actions to ensure its complete repair in no time.He even spurted that some amount of money had been released for the road construction but it was only surprising that no money was released to aid the road; the only intervention on it carried out by the up-and-doing government of the state.Meanwhile, the same man did not sketch or imagine a single development project for his Unit, Ward or Constituency throughout his 12 years in the National Assembly, neither has he attracted any faint presence of the federal government to the state courtesy of his wasteful presence there.The only polytechnic he managed to provide was sold out by his shameful self when he sought reelection into the Senate a second time as a result of greed to hold to power.However, he goes around writing petitions to stop or halt the progressive works of this administration.The question is, will Ita Enang’s self-aggrandizement take him anywhere?A notable poem taught in Primary Schools has it that “he that is down needs fear no fall”. The derivative meaning is that ‘he that is up should fear many fall’.Whatever informed Ita Enang’s over bloated ego should begin to sing him a farewell song off his assumed glory land as he his no more than a fighter against progress and development.A man whose 12 years altogether as a federal citizen has amounted to a complete waste should not go about making the loudest noise and drawing unnecessary attention to himself.He should concentrate on his duties as the SSA to the President on Niger Delta Affairs if he cannot contribute intellectually and tangibly to better the lots of the people of Akwa Ibom State, and stop distracting the attempts of the state government to improve on the social lives of the Akwa Ibom people.

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