I make bold to say that abinitio when this vision took off in 2014 that I knew it was never going to be an easy one, but we were however convinced that on behalf of our people that whatever sacrifices it will take to put our people on the national stead and map is worth the pain.

On first attempt, out of the 5 State Constituency seats, Sir Collins Chudi Onyeama and his team was able to deliver 3. The Federal constituency made its mark as one of those who stood out to be counted in the face of Abia adversity.

Those who are fantasizing and gallivanting around today on the possiblity of upstaging the status quo based on the foundation another man laid to the detriment of his finances and goodwill are merely day dreaming to reap where another sowed.

If APGA in concert with a team of the likes of Sir Chudi Onyeama was able to shook the statusquo to the point of requiring the popular Maradona’s “hand of God” known as Federal Might in our parlance to right themselves out of their failure. It then becomes instructive that at this point of operation quit notice to the evil hegemony in Abia the experience of the veterans who did it before comes in hand, as no one changes a winning team!

We challenged the wannabe Facebook contestant Honourables to operation show your scorecard but until date all they could muster are only foundations without a common block of achievement to show true to their type.
We have in Sir Chudi, dimkpa asaa, Omenkeahurunanya and Udo eji eke Agu n’ala Ikwuano Umuahia, a prophet who is recognized amongst his people.

Ndi Ikwuano-Umuahia, ura towa uto ekwowaya ekwowaya!
Keep a date with us as he declares for a rematch for 2019.

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