Abia State Police Command Endorses Ministry of Homeland Security

The Commissioner of Police in Abia state, Mr Ene Okon, has said the Abia State Government has been in constant consultation with the police since the Ministry of Homeland Security was established.

Okon said, “Security is not a one-man business; the duty of the police is to protect lives and property and ensure law and order in the state, but that doesn’t preclude the state or communities in the state from coming up with concepts that can help in policing the state properly, especially in the area of information gathering.

“What the state government is doing to the best of my knowledge is just to add to the policing efforts of the Nigeria Police Force in the state.

“The idea behind that government concept is to raise people that will be assisting the police in information gathering from the grass roots, not that they are setting up a different security outfit entirely.”

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