By Prince Clinton Uba

He is not in the game of soliciting for unnecessary eulogies, neither does he engage “Ogene” and “Atilogwu” dancers to sing his praises to high heavens nor encourage the slavery services of our teeming unemployed youths and hapless indigent women to get them selfishly involved in the art of the unsolicited encomium.

Yet, Ncheta Okoro Omerekpe has silently achieved heroic feats, too numerous to mention and has also remained calm, resolute and focused like the kingfisher. He is not proud like the peacock lifestyle of many rather loves it very simple, real and noiseless.

Ncheta Omerekpe is, and has never been a political officer holder. So, you cannot accuse him to have funneled our common wealth into his private pocket.

He is definitely not in the selfish class that bleed financial life out of our common wealth to open businesses and social services for their family and cronies and merging with the society in pretense, but continually gaining for themselves high positions at the detriment of the larger citizenry they mercilessly lampoon like conquered slaves.

Ncheta Omerekpe is walking the talk and changing the narrative. He is simply proving a point that, you must not be in public office before you can bring succour to your people.

His vision for a better society dates back in his sand castle days, when with other children, they could mould with innocent hands the shape of things to come and when this long time vision met the opportunity, the people are better for it.

Where do we start to describe this young man of many parts? He is simply a rare gift from God to humanity.

However, all these rare feats have not gone unnoticed as Ncheta Okoro Omerekpe on Friday 29th November, 2019 was ushered into ABA SPORTS CLUB HALL OF FAME.

The man popularly called OFOR NDI IGBO stepped out in grand style to wear his garland as a PLATINUM MEMBER of the prestigious club.

You may ask, what does it really take to be a PLATINUM MEMBER? This is a member that has invested from N10M and above for the club in one swop. Don’t forget in a hurry that, Ncheta Omerekpe only recently donated a squash court worth millions and also sponsoring the yearly squash competition for the year 2019.

Let us all appreciate this young man once again for his uncommon display of love for mankind and service to humanity.

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